Thursday, 28 August 2014

What's In My School Bag? | Back To School

Hello everyone!
Although the thought of returning back to school and school uniform shopping is very stressful, there are a few things I enjoy about starting the new year. For example, buying new stationery, new shoes, and also a new school bag. Therefore today I decided to do a "what's in my school bag". Hope you enjoy...

This bag was out of Primark in the sale for just £5 which I think is an absolute bargain for such a cute, stylish and decent quality satchel! However, at first I picked up the same satchel but in plain brown, and then discovered this one later on in the store. So after ten minutes of looking at the two satchels, attempting to decide which one I would be taking home with me, the monochrome satchel won! These are the main things I would carry with me on an everyday basis around school, and becuase I don't like to carry a lot in my bag I have cut it down to the bare minimum.

Humble Vintage Pocket Tissues ~ Home Bargains ~ 12p
MUA Pressed Powder ~ Superdrug ~ £1.00
Glossy Box Matchbox Nail Files ~ Glossy Box
Body Shop Born Lippy ~ Body Shop ~ £2.00
Maybeline Baby Lips ~ Poundworld ~ £1.00
Cath Kidston Pocket Mirror ~ Cath Kidston ~ £4.00
Benefit Bad Gal Lash ~ Benefit ~ £7.50
Hand Sanitiser ~ Home Bargains ~ 3 for £1
Mini Powder Brush from an unbranded brush set 
I would also usually carry a concealer and a sample of perfume with me but I have ran out of my current ones.

The next thing I have in my school bag is my earphones, for when i'm walking to school or doing my paper round after school. I then have my keys attached to some rather big key rings so I can find them easily in my bag, my iPhone, and my glasses. I would also carry some Nurofen with me in case I got a headache.

I also like to carry a notebook around with me along with a reading book. I had already started reading Looking for Alaska a while ago but then completely forgot about it, however, i'm going to give it another try and re-read it.

I picked up the pink portfolio file in a pound shop becuase I thought it would fit nicely in my satchel (which it did) so I could put all of my school books into it. I thought this was a good idea because when it rains my books always get wet on the way home, but becuase the file is mainly plastic, it should hopefully keep my books dry. It also means I can quickly and easily remove my books from my bag.

Next is my make-up case pencil case, which was just £2 from Primark which was really cheap compared to an actual pencil case. This was exactly the right size to fit all of my stationary some of which you can read about it my stationary haul

What is/was your favourite part of  going back to school ?

Sarah x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Huge Stationery Haul | Back To School

Hello everyone!
One of my favourite things to do at the start of a new school year is to go stationery shopping, some of you may think this sounds extremely weird where as the rest of you will share this excitement with me and will know all to well the joy of buying new stationery. So today I am going to share with you some of my recent purchases...

I paid around £5 for these Stabilo fine liners which was very cheap for a pack of 18. I absolutely love to use coloured fine liners in my school books or for revision notes as I find that I remember my notes better if they are in colour and also becuase they look alot better than felts or gel pens.

 I bought these Berol fibre tipped pens from Wilkinson's at half price for just £3 which was an absolute bargain becuase these are the honestly the best felts i've ever used.

I bought these Staedtler pencil crayons from Rymans for £2. I like these becuase they are minis so I can easily fit them in my pencil case.

This is the make-up case I bought from Primark for £2. I really liked the design of this 'pencil case' and it is the perfect size for all of my pens and pencils.

I bought these notebooks from Home Bargains, which i've been loving recently, for just 50p each. I didn't really need more notebooks but I just really liked how cute the patterns were and how pretty they looked together.

My mom bought me this notebook for £1.50 to replace my old one which got soaked in the rain when I was walking back from school, she also bought these cute little vintage style pencils to match which were just £1.

.This super cute vintage  style clip board was just 99p from Home Bargains which will come in really handy when I need to write little memos or reminders for homework and things. 

I bought 3 ring binders from Home Bargains for 80p each, 2 of which were plain pink and the third was a cute vintage one with a cat on which I thought was really cute. I also bought a lot of plastic wallets and subject dividers so I could be super organised when I go back to school.

These have to be my favourite purchase. I had been searching for magazine files for months but everywhere I looked they were really expensive just for plain cardboard ones (I even attempted to make my own out of a cereal box which didn't turn out to great). However on yet another trip into Home Bargains I found these for just £1.50 each! I love the patterns on them as they go nicely with my room which I have recently re-decorated. I am currently using these to store all of my school books, revision books and worksheets. I added the little labels on them so I can write which subjects are in each box.

So this was only half of the stationery/office supplies I have bought recently becuase if I had shown you everything this would have been an extremely long post.

Have you had any bargains recently? 

Sarah x