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Sarah Louise Morrall is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion related blog.


About me:

Sarah Morrall | 16 | West Midlands, UK
I would say that I am like most other teenagers (minus my random outbursts of weird). I love music and movies and I spend pretty much every hour of the day doing nothing. I suppose you could say I procrastinate to the next level as I will avoid doing anything I don’t want to at all costs! I decided to create this blog after being inspired by my sister Laura, who writes a beauty blog Laura's All Made Up .

To get to know me a little better check out my “25things you should know about me” post.

Thanks for reading! I hope I didn't bore you too much :)

Sarah x

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  1. Welldone girl.Am in my mid forties and like your blog.Am in West Midlands too.