Saturday, 22 March 2014

Furry Friend Tag | My Cat Bob

I was reading a few blog posts earlier and i came across 'The furry friend tag' on Nuala's blog and obviously, because it was to do with animals, i absolutely loved reading it and decided to do it myself.
So here it is, i hope you enjoy it...

1. What is your pets name? 
 My cat's name is Bob (original i know).

2. When did you get Bob?
We have had Bob for about 3/4 years. The reason i'm not quite sure is because we didn't buy Bob, we took him in when he was a kitten. Bob was a stray cat that had probably been abandoned by his mother, so after a lot of convincing our own mother she decided that we could keep him. So we took him to the vets to see weather he was a boy or a girl (because we weren't to sure as he was only a kitten) and it turned out he was a boy. 

3. What is something that Bob does that annoys you?
The only thing that annoys me about Bob is that he will take up the entire bed! He will jump up on the bed and lie right in the middle and stretch himself out more than i thought possible for a cat, leaving me to sleep around him squished up the side. 

4. What type of breed is Bob?
Short hair tabby cat- i think, but we have never known for sure.

5. Has Bob ever had a near death experience?
Luckily, Bob has never had a near death experience *touches wood*

6. Does Bob know any tricks?
Bob doesn't know any tricks as he isn't a dog.

7. Does Bob like to snuggle?
I wouldn't say he likes to snuggle, he just likes to know that you are there because he doesn't like to be on his own, he will also come and sit on mine or my sister's lap occasionally and fall asleep for an hour or so.

8. Where did you get Bob?
Like i said previously, we took him in off the streets because he didn't have a home.

9. Does Bob get along with other cats?
Bob is a bit of a funny cat, he doesn't really mind other cats but he doesn't exactly like them either.

10. Does Bob get along with strangers? 
Bob acts a bit weird around new people as he doesn't really know weather to trust them. When we first took him in he was very timid and scared of people and would hide for most of the time until he learnt to trust us.

11. How much does Bob weigh?
I honestly have no idea how much he weighs but i do struggle to pick him up now as he is getting a little chubby.

12. Do you ever dress Bob up?
I have never properly dressed him up as i think it's pretty strange when people dress up their pets, however i have put the occasional festive hat on him which he despised the idea and shook it straight off!

13. Has Bob ever tried to run away?
Bob has never tried to run away as such, however when we first had him we couldn't let him out of the house in case he went wondering off. Now he just sits in the garden for the majority of the time.

11. How did you come up with Bob's name?
At first we didn't know whether Bob was a boy or a girl so until we knew we just called him Bob, just for the sake of having a name. Obviously if he was a girl we wouldn't have kept the name, however he was a boy and the name just sort of stuck.

12. How much does Bob mean to you on a scale of 1-10?

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed reading Nuala's Furry Friend Tag.
 I tag anyone who would like to write about their furry friend.

Sarah x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It's that time of the year again where we all show our Mothers how much they mean to us and appreciate everything they do for us. If you're not very creative and have no idea on what to buy then hopefully this will help you out.

I've put together a few ideas for a range of budgets so no matter how much money you have you can buy the perfect gift that will make any mom happy...

I hope this helped at least one person who was stuck for ideas. Feel free to leave a link to your Mothers Day gift ideas post and i'll head over and check it out!

Sarah x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

25 Things You Should Know About Me...

1) My full name is Sarah Louise Morrall 
2) I'm left handed 
3) I have 2 brothers and 1 sister 
4) I'm a cat person
5) I am extremely untidy 
6) I used to have to wear an eye-patch and still get laughed at for it
7) I have never been abroad
8) I'm an atheist
9) I have never moved house
10) I chose to study Resistant Materials, Media studies and PE
11) If i like a song i will play it on repeat until i can't bare to hear it
12) I get really bad travel/motion sickness
13) My favourite childhood video games were Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot
14) I spent 90% of the past 5 years grounded 
15) I hate insects
16) I have a very short attention span
17) I am unbelievably socially awkward and sarcastic!
18) I wake up 5 minutes before i have to leave for school almost every day 
19) I annoy people by asking too many questions 
20) I have a YouTube addiction
21) I hate maths 
22) I'm a 90's child 
23) I spend 99% of my time on social media websites/apps
24) I procrastinate way too much 
25) I should be revising for my maths and science exams right now but i decided to write this instead...

I hope you enjoyed reading these 25 facts about me as much as i enjoyed writing them!

Sarah x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wishlist | Spring

I can't believe it's spring already, time to put away all of the jumpers and bring out the dresses,skirts and pastels. Here are a few things i've got my eye on this spring...

Although, i don't really like to wear dresses as i don't like having my legs on show, i love the style of this dress and i think that it would be perfect for spring/summer as it looks really lightweight and floaty.

2)Bath Bombs
I have recently gained an obsession with lush and i think the Easter selection is just adorable. Also, i think that these bath bombs are super cute because they contain an extra bath bomb inside which is a really nice surprise.

White canvas shoes are a must have for the summer whether they are converse or ones like these. They're so comfortable and so easy to wear as they go with almost any outfit. I will definitely be buying a pair!

4) Shorts
I really liked the style of these shorts as they are high waisted and i like the 'acid wash' style which is in at the moment. I think these are also easy to wear as you can wear them with a plain top and some tights and they look great!

5) Nail Varnish
I LOVE nail varnish! And i thought this one was really cute, i liked the colour because it is really summery and neutral and was also intrigued by the 'silk' effect.

6) Bag
Everyone needs a rucksack right? I really liked the azteck pattern and colour scheme on this one. However, i find that rucksacks tend to rip quite easily but they are really handy, comfortable and stylish.

7) Foundation
I think that Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation is the ultimate spring/summer foundation because it gives you a really healthy, natural looking glow and isn't cakey like some other foundations!

What's in your spring wishlist?

Sarah x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

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What is Bloglovin' ?
Bloglovin' is basically another way to get the latest posts from your favourite bloggers. You can follow as many blogs as you want and you can then like or share one of their posts. People can also follow your blog via Bloglovin' if they can't follow you any other way. You can also search for blogs in categories e.g: Beauty, Art, Design and lots more. You can search for popular posts and will also get suggestions based on who you are already following. To promote yourself further you can link Bloglovin' up with Facebook and/or twitter so you will hopefully gain more views,readers and followers. As well as that you can even put a button on your blog so when people stumble upon something they like they can follow you with one simple click. So, what are you waiting for? Go and sign up!

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Sarah x

Just To Say Hi...

Hello there! Here is a short introduction to my blog:

Morrall of the story is a blog about various things including
-product reviews
-fashion and beauty
-ramblings and advice
-and general life related posts

The reason behind the name "Morrall Of The Story" is not the fact that I can't spell moral (although my spelling abilities are pretty atrocious as i'm sure you'll soon find out) but because my last name is Morrall. Growing up this name has resulted in people constantly giggling and looking at me whenever anyone mentions the words "moral of the story". Also you think the joke would get pretty boring after 15 years but like all name related jokes this one has a habit of popping up every now and then. So, because i'm not very creative this was one of the only names I could come up with.

If you would like to know more then check out my 'About' page where there is a short(ish) description of me. Also, feel free to leave me a comment on any other questions have or even leave a link to your blog and ill check it out...

Sarah x